Today I Will Tell Her

A barf-inducing short film about a guy who’s going to tell his friend that he likes her more than a friend.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jon Murray
Producer: Phil Carvalho

Filmmaker’s statement

“This was my first short film. I guess I didn’t realize it when I was writing it but it turns out it’s a romantic comedy. Damn. I always thought my first short would be a really kick-ass action/adventure kind of thing. Or something sci-fi. Sci-fi is cool. Romantic comedies, not so much.

Ah well. What can you do?”

About Jon Murray

Jon Murray

Jon Murray is an award-winning advertising copywriter.

On the side he likes to write and direct shorts and watch an unhealthy amount of movies. He’s also loving this whole interactive documentary explosion and hopes to make an interactive fiction film next.

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