Up and Down

Trying to get the attention of a boy at school, Emily practices his hobby of yo-yo(ing). But the difficulties of love are more complicated than the tricks she is trying to learn.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jason Karman
Co-producers: Victoria Angell, Jason Karman

Filmmaker’s statement

“Inspired by the world’s first yo-yo champion, Harvey Lowe, and his ability to transcend different communities with the yo-yo, Up and Down is about reinventing the familiar and reviewing moments of change.

The modern yo-yo has been long associated with the youthful spirit and recently has been linked to those seeking to rebel against technology’s all-consuming grasp.

There is a liberating quality to the free-style nature of a yo-yo zipping effortlessly around hands, arms, shoulders and feet. It evokes a sense of wonder that [harks back] to simpler times.

The image of a small disc flying around, the act of keeping in control something so free, is a compelling contradiction.”

About Jason Karman

Jason Karman

Jason Karman is a writer/director based in Vancouver.

The immigrant experience and coming out are influences that have shaped how Jason perceives the world.

He has created 10 short films including five works that have been presented across North America and Europe. Jason’s documentary short, State of Yo, was the National Portrait Winner at Montreal’s Cine-Asie National Portrait contest in 2009.

His drama, I’m in the Mood for Love, won the Gerry Brunet Memorial Award at the 2011 Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

Previous notable films also include Fortune Cooking (2009) and Kimchi Fried Dumplings (2013).

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