Plastic Bottles

An exploration of modern consumer culture and the incredible of amount of resources it uses as seen through the lens of American photographer Chris Jordan.

Creative team

Director: Jon Ornoy

Filmmaker’s statement

“The scale of our mass consumption is quite staggering and fairly impossible for the average brain to handle. When we talk about numbers like the millions of bottles used every minute in the US alone, it quickly becomes overwhelming to imagine.

The rapid depletion of our natural resources in order to feed this machine is one of the key driving factors behind climate change, and what I appreciate about Jordan’s work is how it helps make these abstract concepts more concrete.

In helping us each visualize the contributions we’re making to the problem, I think his work is an important awareness-raising tool as we try and find solutions.”

About Jon Ornoy

Jon Ornoy

Jon Ornoy has been directing films since 2007, most recently producing the short True Love Waits with a grant received at the 2012 Whistler International Film Festival.

He started his film career as a camera assistant on a broad range of projects before setting up his own production company to pursue his vision and voice.

Jon was also a board member with the Documentary Organization of Canada from 2011 to 2013.

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