Emma is a modern day everywoman who has it all. The only thing missing is a life.

When her latest purchase becomes more than she bargained for, she quickly discovers how dangerously close she is to being BAGGED.

Creative team

Director/producer: Lisa Baylin
Writer/producer: Evan Tsitsias
Producer: Avi Federgreen

Filmmaker’s statement

“In this culture of ferocious consumerism we’ve all, in one way or another, purchased an item to fill a void in our lives.

The theme of loneliness is universal and Emma’s journey is just one tale about what can happen when the loneliness becomes too much and a person is in the privacy of their own home with no judges or voices of reason.

BAGGED has dark comic tones mixed with serious and intimate moments allowing the audience an opportunity to really learn who Emma is and experience her emotional journey down the rabbit hole and back as she comes to terms with her loneliness and the extremes to which it has taken her.

I hope viewers can identify with Emma and enjoy her wild ride – whether or not they just bought ‘break-up slippers,’ their dream car or a kick-ass pair of jeans that makes their ass look 10 years younger.

Emma is funny, human, tragic and willing to experiment with things that are slightly over the edge. Aren’t we all – when no one is looking?”

About Lisa Baylin

Lisa Baylin

Lisa is the VP, content and production at iThentic where she has had the opportunity to develop multiple interactive assets such as games and apps as well as produced several digital scripted series.

She recently received an international Emmy award for best digital program (fiction) and a Canadian Screen Award for best original program or series produced for digital media (fiction) for iThentic and 3 o’’s groundbreaking branded transmedia digital series Guidestones.

She was the program manager at three private funds supporting the Canadian new media, television and film industries: the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, the Independent Production Fund and the COGECO Fund.

Before joining the funds, Lisa was the associate conference producer for the Banff World Television Festival and began her carrier in casting working on such feature films as The Sentinel, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Four Brothers.

In 2007, she launched her own casting company, LB Casting, where she continues to cast projects for TV and the web such as The Dark Years, Teleporting Fat Guy I, II and III, S.O.S. and Guidestones.

She has also produced independent shorts films such as Albert and BAGGED.

Lisa has been actively involved in digital industry issues, has participated in CMPA negotiations with ACTRA and DGC and has trained emerging producers through her workshop series Project 360.


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