Ceramic Tango

A stealthy killer waylays and torments a young man who has hit emotional rock bottom. A modern-day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life.

Also see a documentary about the making of this film, Let it Out! The Ceramic Tango Experience.

Creative team

Director/producer: Patricia Chica
Producer: Richard Duquette
Writer: Charles Hall

Filmmaker’s statement

“As an artist, I’m always interested in exploring thought-provoking themes that deal with the darker side of the human experience.

Charles Hall’s screenplay Ceramic Tango contains all the ingredients that attract me to the psychological genre. The story evolves into an intriguing tale of confrontation with one’s self and rituals of acceptance and/or denial. It examines the mental state of a young man searching for his inner strength and trying to find redemption and resilience within himself.

Moreover, I always want to work with strong unconventional characters who are caught in difficult situations and who go through an emotional transformation throughout the film.

I’m hoping that this film will serve as an eye-opener and a discussion trigger to talk about taboo subjects such as virus infection, the sentiment of loss and the will to survive. For that reason, it was important for me that the film end on a positive note and a sense of hope even though it presents a non-ideal situation.

With this film, I feel that I’m going beyond all my expectations by reinventing my narrative style and exploring the fantasy world which is a new genre on my slate. This project definitely has my stamp on it and it also fulfilled my mission for telling stories with a purpose.”

About Patricia Chica

Patricia Chica

Raised in Montreal, Patricia Chica is a 35-time Canadian award-winning director who specializes in psychological dramas, thrillers and edgy documentaries.

Patricia has a genuine interest in exploring thought-provoking themes that deal with deviant behavior and the darker side of the human experience.

Strongly inspired by the real-life experiences and psycho-social issues that shape people’s lives, her films present an authentic and realistic portrayal of emotions and situations.

Her visual style has been described as provocative and poetic within a humanistic setting. The characters in her films are always heroes and heroines of the non-conventional side of life and always come out strong at the end.

Her films often serve as eye-openers and trigger discussions about taboo subjects that question the definitions of memory, sexuality and identity.

One of Patricia’s principles is to always depict strong characters, with mood and tone, and exhibit visual ingenuity while delivering an engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining story.

Patricia’s previous acclaimed films include Day Before Yesterday (2010, winner of over 10 awards) and The Promise (2000, winner of 10 awards) just to name a couple.

She co-directed the award-winning feature documentary Rockabilly 514, which aired on Bravo! Canada, Canal D as well as in the US and Europe.

Ceramic Tango (2013) was launched at the Cannes Film Festival and is already a film festival multiple award-winner. Her latest film Serpent’s Lullaby received a Coup de Coeur mention at the Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Patricia is presently in pre-production on Psychophonia (2015), an American sci-fi thriller produced by Blanc/Biehn Productions in Los Angeles.

Patricia’s work has been presented and/or awarded at over 100 international film festivals, theatres, art centres, universities and on television around the world. Canada, the US, Mexico and El Salvador have presented retrospectives of her short films.

She is presently preparing her first fiction feature film.


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