Danser à Paris (Dancing in Paris)

Ten dancers in 10 different locations help us discover underground Paris. The film was shot over two days and each dancer had one hour to perform his/her improvisation.

Creative team

Director/producer: Élisabeth Desbiens

Filmmaker’s statement

“This experimental short dance movie was totally improvised with the dancers in Paris over two days. We made the dancers’ movements and shots fit with the locations.

[We had a small team] the director of photography Steeve Desrosiers and me.”

About Élisabeth Desbiens

Élisabeth Desbiens

Élisabeth Desbiens studied dance and cinema.

Her movies have been screened in many festivals around the world including Off-Court of Trouville, MashROME in Italy, Cannes and Clermont-Ferrand.

She received the prestigious prize SODEC/ SARTEC for her screenplay Était une bête, adapted from a poem anthology by the author Laurance Ouellet Tremblay.

She is presently preparing the production of Était une bête with Films du Boulevard and will be shooting at the end of September around Montreal.

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