Installing …

When she is given exclusive access to test new software, Emily finds unexpected love.

Creative team

Writer/director: Janet Lee Rose
Producer: Jordyn May

Filmmaker’s statement

“I absolutely loved Spike Jonze’s magical film Her and I couldn’t shake the wonderment of Theodore and Samantha’s relationship.

I wanted to explore the possibilities and the origin of the OS: did the developers expect love to be a byproduct of their programming?

Also, as a female filmmaker/movie lover, I always find myself wondering what we would see and experience if the story were told from the female perspective. This is how the character of Emily was created.

This was a simple shoot using a DSLR and available lighting. It was an experiment and study as a new filmmaker to emulate the style of Her.

Installing … came into my mind and would not leave, so I knew I had to tell this little love story.”

About Janet Lee Rose

Janet Lee Rose

Janet Lee Rose has always been a dreamer and that’s gotten her into a fair amount of trouble.

Head always in the clouds, nose always in a book, she knew she would be a storyteller from a young age.

Her journey into film began as an actress in Vancouver. After experiencing the lack of diverse roles for females firsthand, she resolved to write and make films that would celebrate women and the human condition.

She currently resides in Toronto and is attending Ryerson University’s summer film intensive.

You can check out more of her work at

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