When I Saw You

Seven stories of missed connection, missed opportunity and unique moments intertwine and unfold in a day.

Characters question their fear, love and living in the moment through internalized personal ads. In a world of lost opportunities, mixed signals and the fear of appearing vulnerable, will anyone be bold enough to start the conversation?

Creative team

Writer/director: Jane Hancock
Producers: Nicholas Carella, Brie Lunn, Michelle Ouellet

Filmmaker’s statement

“Whenever I read a ‘missed connection’ I’m always curious about why the person didn’t talk to the stranger they found attractive, or asked the barista for their number.

Almost every time I am struck by how easily fear can prevent us from connecting. I suppose we all wonder what other people are thinking and contemplate our own insecurities internally.

In a world that is constantly plugged in or checked out, I long for more authentic interactions and honesty with my own fears and limitations.

This film is a study of missed encounters and secret longings, told through voice-overs of personal ads. It is my hope that the film inspires others, who share my value for human connection, to speak up or reach out even when they’re feeling nervous.”

About Jane Hancock

Jane Hancock

Jane is a writer/director/actor from Victoria, BC, Canada.

She spent most of her adolescent years performing on stage and went on to study theatre at York University in Toronto. She trained at The Canadian College of Performing Arts and, after receiving her diploma moved to LA to study at the New York Film Academy’s Universal Studios campus.

Moving to Vancouver in 2011, Jane began to work avidly in the film community: acting, costume design, promotion, social media, writing, and soon producing her own projects. She then discovered her passion for directing.

In 2013 Jane was one of six winners out of over 150 applicants in the Crazy8s script competition. Her film When I Saw You was well received at the gala and has continued to be successful on the festival circuit, playing in Portland, Vancouver, Toronto, London and notably winning best editing at the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival in Chicago.

Currently Jane has a feature film in development and continues to work in many areas of the film industry: as an actor, casting assistant, reader and coach.

One of her main passions is being involved in the Women in Film community in Vancouver, and she often hosts networking events for women in the industry hoping to inspire others to connect and share their stories.

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