Rinse & Repeat

A drunken Emily retreats to the bathroom during a party to find some composure. Little does she know her ex-boyfriend, Josh, is sitting in the bathtub doing just the same thing. Forced to face each other and all their baggage, Emily and Josh realize they might just want a second chance.

Creative team

Writer/director: Mark Moliterni
Producer: Hailey Brooks

Filmmaker’s statement

Rinse & Repeat arose as a result of practical limitations (little budget, little crew and little experience), which led me to choose a setting that would be feasible to shoot in, and confined me to telling a story small in scope but deep with feeling.

The film rests on the shoulders of its two stars, Megan Webster and Owen Stahn, whose chemistry crackled from their very first audition together.”

About Mark Moliterni

Mark Moliterni

Mark Moliterni is a young writer/director currently building his brand in the world of short film and web content.

Mark is passionate about telling stories that evoke the myriad emotions of everyday life through cinematic imagery and realistic, diverse characters.

Rinse & Repeat is his first short film, produced during his third year at Ryerson’s RTA School of Media. His follow-up project, My Buddy (Best Production, 2014 TARA Awards) will play at film festivals later this year.

Mark is also currently developing a web series called 42 Questions.

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