Aboriginal filmmaker meet-up with Roger Boyer and the Winnipeg Film Group

Yesterday I went to what Roger Boyer (NSI New Voices, NSI Storytellers) called a ‘Winnipeg Aboriginal filmmaker meet and greet’ at Winnipeg Film Group.

Happily there were lots of NSI grads in attendance – I got to chat with Sage Daniels, Sonya Ballantyne (both NSI New Voices), Justina Neepin (NSI New Voices, NSI Aboriginal Documentary) and saw Craig Guiboche (NSI New Voices), Sam Vint (NSI New Voices, NSI Aboriginal Documentary), Cam Courchene (NSI New Voices, NSI Aboriginal Documentary), Damien Ferland (NSI Aboriginal Documentary) and of course Roger.

Sonya Ballantyne and Sage Daniels

Above: Sonya Ballantyne and Sage Daniels

The point of the meet and greet, as Roger pointed out, was to start connecting the emerging and established Aboriginal talent in our community. There are a lot of talented people and resources in Winnipeg, and they may not know each other.

Aboriginal stories need to be told, so who better to network with than other Aboriginal filmmakers who have skills and connections that can enrich these projects and the film and TV community?

Alongside myself representing NSI, Ben Williams and Mark Borowski from the Winnipeg Film Group and Melentie Pandilovski from Video Pool were there to provide support and talk a bit about the resources we can offer these emerging film and television professionals.

Roger Boyer

Above: Roger Boyer

It was a pleasure to see people meeting each other and talking about their work. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the room and it sounds like this kind of meet-up will become a regular thing. Attendees mentioned that they’d like to regularly stay in contact and keep their new professional contacts in the loop about what they’re doing.

The meet-up was a really great thing to see. Kudos to Roger and the Winnipeg Film Group for hosting and putting it together.

Winnipeg Film Group meet and greet

Above: a terrible picture of some great people

I look forward to seeing what you do next and supporting you along the way.

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