Guess Who’s Knocking

Two naïve door-to-door missionaries must clutch onto every ounce of patience as they’re barraged with undebatable facts by wise-guy Joseph.

Creative team

Writers: Joshua Young, Brian MacQuarrie, John Dunsworth
Director: Amanda Murphy
Producer: Joshua Young

Filmmaker’s statement

Guess Who’s Knocking was originally a monologue I wrote in 1999. It then lived on my computer’s hard drive for a decade until one day director Amanda Murphy and I discussed the options of a short film. I then commenced editing and expanding the monologue into a full short film script.

In it I saw an opportunity to work with two actors I had admired for years: John Dunsworth and Brian MacQuarrie. I pitched them the script and they signed on right away.

Being a comedy, I thought it wise to utilize John and Brian’s skills early on. Not only did they help tremendously during the script editing stage, but we continued to improvise on set, adding a great deal more to the story than I could have ever dreamed.

Guess Who’s Knocking was one of those ‘passion projects’ as most short films are. Thanks to amazing cinematographer Steve Richard and director Amanda Murphy’s hard work and organizational skills, this was a filmmakers dream! For the cast and crew, it was fun to stretch our creative legs and do some work outside of high budget productions.

At the end of that day, I remember asking Brian if we should do a trailer for this. His response was, ‘a trailer for a short film?’ A good point, but we tried it, and it turned out just as funny as the short film itself.

In the editing process I was very lucky to have composer Chris Pauley donate his time and talents to the project. Also a huge thank you goes out to Actra, William F. White and the cast and crew who all donated their time and talents to make this fun little short happen.

Everything you see is all one take. Neither of us knew what the other was going to say.” – Joshua Young

Check out the trailer for Guess Who’s Knocking.

About Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy is a filmmaker based on the east coast of Canada.

She has a love for storytelling in many different forms and filmmaking is just one of them. Not only has she directed multiple short films, but she also does video design and consultation for a variety of theatrical and video productions.

Amanda has worked for the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo show as visuals director for the past five years.

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