Look Up, Son!

A father takes his crippled son for a day at the cottage.

Creative team

Writer/co-director: Éric Baril
Co-director: Lévy L. Marquis

Filmmaker’s statement

“The movie was made for Digi60 Ottawa’s Digital Filmmakers Festival in 2013.

As with each edition of this festival, there was a catch: the movie had to be about discovery.

We decided to illustrate what the illness of someone close to us can make us realize and discover about ourselves.”

About Éric Baril and Lévy L. Marquis

Éric Baril Lévy L. Marquis

Lévy and Éric met at a Kino Kabaret in 2011. Even though they came from different backgrounds – Lévy has a degree in documentary filmmaking and Eric has experience in fiction – they share the same sense of humor that led to a first collaboration on short film The Statue.

Then, working together on different corporate projects, they decided to make another short film together: La guidoune de St-André, which won the public award at the Ottawa International Short Film Festival in 2013.

During the same period, they participated at Digi60 Ottawa’s Digital Filmmakers Festival with their first English short film, S.E.N.S.E. They won awards for best overall film and best story.

Six months later, they participated a second time with Look Up, Son! The film won best story and best acting for the performances by Paul Rainville and Nicolas Desfossés.

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