Loose Ends

Two people with a terrible secret that one friend would like to put behind them.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Michael Horrigan

Filmmaker’s statement

“I wanted to write a strong female character and create a role that most women don’t get to play: a true manipulator.

I also wanted to turn the tables and show a vulnerable man at his breaking point.”

About Michael Horrigan

Michael Horrigan

Michael Horrigan is an award winning writer/director/cinematographer. His short films have garnered him best film, best director, best writer and best technical quality awards in numerous festivals.

Born and raised in Canada, his love of film has become his passion.

His short films and commercials have been broadcast on national television across Canada and have also screened internationally.

Known as an actor’s director, his last three short films have all won best actor achievements.

He is currently working with producers on his first feature.

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