Alex has just met the love of his life but he’s leaving to go back home to Argentina forever.

Rationally, Alex knows that a relationship is impossible but in his last 10 minutes with Sebastian will he let him go or take a chance on love?

Creative team

Writer/Producer: James Fanizza
Director: Rickey Bryant

Filmmaker’s statement

“Sometimes the opportunity of love will come into our lives at very inopportune times. We are faced with the challenge of making very quick but life-changing decisions with no guarantee.

If we don’t accept this opportunity, we live with regret over what could have been. If we show up for love, our lives are then happier for taking the risk.

But what happens when you wait to accept love’s offer? With James Fanizza’s masterfully written script and acting prowess, I was able to present this question in a simple, but inventive, way with Sebastian.

We used a stop light backlight theme in each scene that fits the emotion of the two characters. Shooting the film in downtown Toronto provided delightful clutter around clear-cut conflict.

Thanks to the professional, collaborative group brought together by James and I, we succeeded in creating a very concise but emotional film from start to finish.”

About Rickey Bryant and James Fanizza

Rickey Bryant    James Fanizza

This is James and Rickey’s first venture into filmmaking.

James is an actor and writer, originally from Toronto, and Rickey is a director, originally from Buffalo, NY.

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