Set No Path

Four lifetime friends are about to leave the safe confines of their small town in pursuit of their dreams but one young man plans on staying and won’t let them go without a fight.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Brooks Reynolds
Producer: Jeff Stout

Filmmaker’s statement

“When I was in high school, internet messengers were often used to send songs around. Sometimes it was just to share a new musical discovery but sometimes they were intended to be a trojan horse expressing some sort of feeling you weren’t brave enough to type out.

While making this short film, I wanted to create something with similar sensibilities to those pop songs and ballads sent with a hidden message with a story full of themes and ideas that I could imagine being shared in similar way.”

About Brooks Reynolds

Brooks Reynolds

Canadian-born Brooks Reynolds quickly gained notoriety as a photographer for many punk rock bands and action sports magazines.

With a distinct visual style, he’s made a seamless transition to directing and brought his eye for iconic images to music videos for artists worldwide, short films that have gained much popularity online and commercials for clients such as the CFL.

Recently he had a photo gallery travel across Canada, the back cover of Applied Arts magazine and completed his first feature film as director of photography.

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