The Death of Gary Goldwater

A dark comedy about two hitmen who think it’s a lot easier to dispose of their target than it actually is.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Joel F. Gardiner
Director: Clinton Jones

Filmmaker’s statement

“A few years back The Death of Gary Goldwater was originally written as a full-length feature entitled Hitmen but, after several attempts at being made, the reality quickly set in that making a full-length feature on little to no budget was nearly impossible.

So on the shelf it sat until the discovery of crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Taking the script and cutting it down to an intriguing short film with the intent to turn it into a full-length feature and/or series in the future, along with the ability to now go directly to our audience for the funding, made The Death of Gary Goldwater possible.”

About Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones is a 22-year-old filmmaker currently residing in Los Angeles.

His interest in filmmaking peaked with the creation of YouTube in 2005. At that time Clinton was living in Atlanta, Georgia and started making shorts with his close friends. In 2006 he discovered the power of Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop.

Clinton started playing video games early in his childhood, and is clearly inspired by them in his filmmaking.

Clinton currently runs the Pwnisher channel on YouTube and uploads high-quality short films mainly based around video games.

His goal for 2014 is to write, direct and edit a web series with his close friends.

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