A young woman is in dire need of surgery. Sitting at the bottom of a long waiting list, Mika discovers the horrifying price she must pay to survive.

Creative team

Director: Scott Alonzo
Co-directors/co-producers: Scott Alonzo, Simon Yang

Filmmaker’s statement

Chishio was originally a part of the 2012 Bloodshots 48 hour Film Challenge. Each team is given a prop, a weapon and a line of dialogue all to be filmed, edited and handed in within 48 hours.

Going into the challenge I knew that I wanted to do a Japanese horror film, no matter which genre we were given. Our prop was a scalpel, our weapon a vacuum cleaner, our genre was medical terror and our line of dialogue was “You haven’t been yourself lately.” The films had to fall between one and seven minutes.

I have always been a huge horror fan from a very young age. I thoroughly enjoy horror that combines a dramatic edge.

My inspiration for the film came from Japanese films such as Audition, Infection and One Missed Call. There is something raw and irreplaceable about foreign films and I wanted to try and capture that in Chishio.

Not knowing the language myself at times was difficult in directing but the performances I got from the actors were absolutely fantastic.

The cinematographers, Nelson and Graham Talbot, are extremely talented and I was very lucky to have them on board for the film.

I am very proud of the this film and of all the crew and actors who made this a reality for me.

About Scott Alonzo

Scott Alonzo

Scott is an actor, writer and director from Vancouver. He graduated from the acting for film and television program at Vancouver Film School.

His film Chishio picked up two awards at the Bloodshots 2012 Filmmaking Challenge: best cinematography and audience choice. It was also selected as one of the top three films sent off to legendary filmmaker George A. Romero for judging.

Scott recently completed his third feature film acting role as London in How The Sky Will Melt directed by the talented Matthew Wade, which is due for release in late 2014 .

He is also working on pitching a feature film he wrote entitled The Sect and is in pre-production on his horror short Lights Out.

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