Nights in Suburbia

A woman suffering from insomnia finds comfort in recording her thoughts during her sleepless nights, but complications arise when her interests shift to filming her notoriously unpredictable sleepwalking neighbour.

Creative team

Writers: Alex Lee Williams, Sarah Coffin
Director: Alex Lee Williams
Producers: Alex Lee Williams, Thomas Kelly

Filmmaker’s statement

This film really means a lot to me as a filmmaker because it was the first film I made that really felt like I was saying something about myself.

Rather than just telling a story I thought was compelling, I also wanted to say a little something about me.

About Alex Lee Williams

Alex Lee Williams

Alex Lee Williams was born on May 12, 1990 in the small town of Almonte, Ontario. He began his filmmaking career at the age of four with his dad’s VHS camera making stop-motion animation shorts with his G.I. Joe action figures.

After his passion grew and grew over his high school years, Alex pursued film and television at Algonquin College, graduating with the director of the year award – awarded by CTV.

Nights in Suburbia is his sixth short film and his third to reach international audiences.

He was most recently awarded the TIFF most promising filmmaker award at the Digi60 Film Festival by TIFF’s short film programmer Magali Simard for his short film Language.

Alex is currently working on three short films and his first feature.

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