Shhh borders on the real and imaginary.

Guillermo obsessively draws what he fears most: a hair-eating monster. This is a personification of his true bully, his sister Hellena.

He eventually conquers his fear only to realize that his tormentor might not be as fictitious as one may have thought.

Creative team

Writer: Mike Stasyna
Co-directors: Shervin Shoghian, Freddy Chavez Olmos
Producer: Heinrich Beisheim

Filmmaker’s statement

“Shhh was a passion project based on the childhood experiences of Guillermo Del Toro.

The project brought together a very skilled team, each one specializing in a specific component that made Shhh a visual success and festival pleaser.

The team has been honoured to be in over 35 global film festivals across eight countries, and also honoured with five awards including best short film at the Leo Awards.”

About Shervin Shoghian

Shervin Shoghian

A new and inventive computer graphic artist, Shervin Shoghian has done it all: from concept design to creating captivating visual effects.

He is a graduate of the advanced computer animation and modeling program at the University of Toronto and the advanced film and television program at Sheridan College.

He has applied his artistic vision to critically acclaimed films. In 2009 he won a Visual Effects Society (VES) Award for best visual effects compositing for a feature.

In addition to his work as a digital artist, Shervin has designed presentations for the public sector including online marketing presentations and corporate videos.

Shervin continues to lend his talents to visual effects studios throughout Canada.

About Freddy Chavez Olmos

Freddy Chavez Olmos

Influenced from an early age by horror movies and music, Freddy started his career creating his own productions with family and friends in Puebla, Mexico. Consequently, he found a way to convert his hobby into a profession.

Freddy is a graduate of the film production program at Vancouver Film School.

Interested in learning more about special effect techniques, he went to Los Angeles to pursue his studies in makeup effects at the Cinema Makeup School. After graduating, he was accepted into the advanced prosthetic program.

Freddy was selected as one of eight contestants to compete in the International Makeup Artist Tradeshow in Pasadena, California and gained an internship at the Makeup & Effects Laboratories Inc., a renowned effects studio in North Hollywood.

With Vancouver quickly becoming a hot spot for film production, Freddy decided to make it his permanent home. He continued expanding his traditional effects background by gaining more digital knowledge and thus completing his studies in 3D animation and visual effects at Vancouver Film School.

His talent in visual effects has afforded him the opportunity to work on acclaimed Hollywood productions.

Freddy and Shervin are developing their first feature film together.

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