The Cuber

Eric Limeback is an 18-year-old from Toronto ranked as the second fastest speedcuber in the country.

This short documentary explores Limeback’s personality, approach and relationship with the sport, and the truly spectacular manual and mental dexterity involved in becoming a champion cuber.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Chris Frampton

Filmmaker’s statement

There have been a couple of feature-length documentaries made about cubing, mostly dealing with the history of the puzzle or the personal experience of cubers. I wanted to do something more procedural and close-up, which is the idea behind the “macrodocumentary.”

I’m interested in microcultures, outsider experiences and how people’s passionate interests turn into lifestyles, and the world of competitive speedcubing hits on all three.

I had assumed, when I began the project, that the subject I would find would be intense and taciturn but Eric turned out to be exactly the opposite. It’s his passion for self-improvement, not desire for competitive victory, that makes him such a compelling subject.

About Chris Frampton

Chris Frampton

In 2013, Chris’s film The Best Revenge was an official selection of the Toronto Urban Film Festival, and was selected as one of the five best films of TUFF for inclusion in the Toronto Silent Film Festival.

As a director and filmmaker Chris Frampton has collaborated with clients such as TEDx, Honda Motorcycles and Apple Canada, and his short films have been featured on Torontoist and

As a photographer in 2008 Chris was awarded the PDN Faces award from Photo District News, the photography industry’s leading news magazine.

Chris has worked with celebrities such as Margaret Atwood, Sean Paul, Bloc Party and John Maus, and been a guest photographer on shows for Slice Network and CBC. His work with Toronto fashion icon Wayne Clarke was the subject of a TV pilot.

Chris’s photographs have appeared on the cover of German Rolling Stone, Complex, YRB, Advisor’s Edge, In the Black, Peace Magazine, National Post, Tages Anzeiger and many other domestic and international publications, and in advertising for HGTV, Food Network and Moneris to name a few.

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