Typesetter Blues

A sweet but melancholy story of a likeable monster named Harold.

When new typesetter Polly appears at work, Harold falls hard but Polly falls harder for someone else.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Pazit Cahlon
Directors: Pazit Cahlon, Hector Herrera

Filmmaker’s statement

Typesetter Blues was the inaugural film produced by TOGETHER: Words + Pictures for Art & Culture and so it holds a special place in our hearts.

It came out of our love of letterpress printing, typography and silly verse. It was also used by the director, Hector Herrera, to instruct his students at OCAD on animation for illustrators.

Initially we had thought to start very small but as the film developed we decided to reach out to our “dream voice” for the project, Gordon Pinsent, and we were thrilled when he came on board.

We are also especially proud of the score composed by banjoist Jayme Stone.

About Pazit Cahlon and Hector Herrera

Pazit Cahlon and Hector Herrera

In the spirit of independent and collaborative creation, Pazit Cahlon and Hector Herrera formed TOGETHER: Words + Pictures for Art & Culture. The team develops and produces animated content for the arts, cultural and non-profit communities.

We are happy writing, designing, directing and animating original content, as well as creating commissioned content for clients like WWF and TED-Ed, and animated segments for documentaries and educational programs.

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