An underwater experimental short film exploding in colour and sound. A visually fascinating look at the strange and surreal.

Creative team

Writer: Jacqueline Gowan
Director/producer: JD. Taylor

Filmmaker’s statement

Alien is an underwater experimental short film which immediately sucks you in. The story idea, by Jacqueline Marie Gowan, is simple but the results are anything but.

I am pleased and proud to have Alien premiere in the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

About JD. Taylor

JD. Taylor

While I have always loved being in the water (having grown up with a pool in the backyard and all the Ontario lakes around me) I took my first underwater photo in summer 2005.

I was working as a make-up artist in Toronto and decided to add a water-themed collection to my portfolio. I asked one of my regular models to pose underwater while I snapped a few pictures using a disposable camera.

With the very first click I was addicted to the medium and have since spent countless hours underwater, experimenting and evolving from still photography into motion. I continue to experiment and capture a fusion of elements: water, light, beauty, colour and imagination.

Two of my short films have been shown at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto and the Scarborough Film Festival.

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