Early Out

A glimpse into the fragmented life and mind of Jesse Kaellis as he takes us through his autobiographical novel.

Creative team

Writer: Jesse Kaellis
Director/producer: Mehdi Nowroozi

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was a passion project for me.

Knowing Jesse and having read most of his book, I was driven to turn his short stories into scenes of how I saw his story.

From the book I took out all of those excerpts and writings that I felt spoke to me most and then interpreted them into the medium of video.

We worked together, shooting, voice recording and editing for three to four months until we had finished the piece. Afterwards I sent the project to a friend/sound designer who took the time to filter in the sound for added depth and emotion.

About Mehdi Nowroozi

Mehdi Nowroozi

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan in June 1990, Mehdi moved to New Westminster, Vancouver in 1997 where he grew up.

He attended New Westminster Secondary School where he first began making short video skits with friends.

After that he attended Vancouver Film School and graduated with a diploma in digital design and motion graphics.

He has made a total of five short skits, one short film, a 3D animation and a title sequence.

Mehdi’s interests outside filmmaking are reading, martial arts, writing and photography.


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