Half a Pantaloon

Somewhere between a public service announcement and a rant, this film reveals the danger of wearing shorts in decidedly trouserish situations.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Pazit Cahlon
Directors: Pazit Cahlon, Hector Herrera

Filmmaker’s statement

Both the writer and the director of Half a Pantaloon really are particular about when and if they wear shorts, so this tongue-in-cheek film was a fun collaboration exploiting their unique and snooty point of view!

Both were also thrilled to work with the inimitable Jayne Eastwood (voiceover) on this piece, and hope that people enjoy it while wearing whatever they want.

About Pazit Cahlon and Hector Herrera

Pazit Cahlon and Hector Herrera

In the spirit of independent and collaborative creation, Pazit Cahlon and Hector Herrera formed TOGETHER: Words + Pictures for Art & Culture. The team develops and produces animated content for the arts, cultural and non-profit communities.

We are happy writing, designing, directing and animating original content, as well as creating commissioned content for clients like WWF and TED-Ed, and animated segments for documentaries and educational programs.

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