La Femme de Bahia (The Woman from Bahia)

A janitor with an unusual habit gets caught at his own game by a mysterious woman.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kamir Méridja
Producer: Kinomada

Filmmaker’s statement

La Femme de Bahia is, first of all, a movie inspired by the location and by an atmosphere.

I directed this movie during a Kinomada laboratory in Quebec City. I was seduced by the location, the Capitole, and particularly the toilets.

I had the [feeling of being] in a David Lynch movie and, with no idea in mind, I wanted to do a movie there.

I wrote the scenario inspired by a room there. I loved the idea that this room was a sort of den where a solitary and marginalized character was building his own place.

In my previous films, I’ve often worked around the theme of loneliness and the fantasy world that these characters could invent as an occupation.

I’ve also worked on female imagery and the fantasy instilled in [these types] of characters: the ideal woman, inaccessible somehow. What would happen if she broke into the confined and dark world of our heroes?

About Kamir Méridja

Kamir Méridja

Kamir Méridja is a director and screenwriter. He is also a speaker and trainer in film and photography, particularly high school and college students in cinema studies.

He is head of the Ciel! Les Noctambules association, based in Saint-Etienne, France, where he is developing work around images, movies, the film industry, music and show.

In 2002, he directed his first award-winning short film on 35mm, Dolphin.

In 2007, he directed a short film Postcard: Saint-Etienne, a fable/satire on his city, which was broadcast as part of the Films Made ​​at the House programme on CANAL+ and as part of the CREA+ program.

His love for music led him to make multiple music videos for different artists. He made Metissage for Dub Inc. in 2008 and Lost Girl for Meta and the Cornerstones in 2010.

In 2010 Kamir also worked on The Theory of the Universe. Although an independent film, it be widely released and presented in several festivals in France including the European festival Premiers Plans d’Angers, and abroad.

After two years of filming, he directed the documentary Rude Boy Story which traces the musical career of independent group Dub Inc. The film was released in cinemas in April 2012, first in Rhône-Alpes, then nationally. The film was shown in more than 100 cities, and selected for several festivals including those in Quebec City and Paris. This self-distributed film brought together more than 10,000 moviegoers.

Kamir recently made a music video for Barrio Themes for their song Trampled. He is currently preparing a new short fiction and has begun writing a feature film.

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