Soft Cycle

Emily, a 20-something writer, meets Ian on the way home one night. Through their budding friendship, she is pushed to confront issues from her past.

Creative team

Co-writers: Akash Bansal, Julian Papas
Director: Julian Papas
Producer: Steven Czikk

Filmmaker’s statement

The film came out of a desire to explore two people connecting, as well as wanting to play with the overlap between relationships through fiction-reality blending.

I am thankful and truly appreciative of the amazing work by the cast and crew on the film.

About Julian Papas

Julian Papas

Julian Papas is an emerging director, writer and editor in his final year of film production at York University. He has made three short films including the film Sit Boy Sit which won outstanding film of the year at York.

Julian finds himself drawn to intimate stories exploring human connections. He is currently working on his thesis film.

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