Tout le monde déguste

A waitress and a chef get ready to close their restaurant for the night.

Creative team

Writer/director: Eric Reynard
Co-producers: Eric Reynard, Jonathan Fournier, Hugo Belhassen

Filmmaker’s statement

When your parents are restaurateurs, as are mine, you end up working in the kitchen at age 14.

And when, at 14, your head is deep down in the sink while scrubbing an unscrubbable cauldron, that’s the scene you start dreaming about.

About Eric Reynard

Eric Reynard

A writer/director from Montreal specializing in genre films, Eric’s work has been selected for the ‘best of’ category at the Fantasia Festival and won numerous international awards, most notably the grand prize at SODEC’s screenwriting competition Cours écrire ton court, the Houston International Film Festival jury award and the Vitesse Lumière originality prize, an award created expressly for his film Nelly & Lio.

He is currently working on his next film, making the leap from shorts to features and doing a lot of rewrites and script consultations both in French and English.

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