STORYHIVE announces 30 web series pilot winners

We recently announced a new web series training partnership with STORYHIVE – a Kickstarter-inspired online platform from TELUS and Optik Local, TELUS community programming, available on Optik TV On Demand.

Through STORYHIVE, content creators receive funding to make a web series pilot and NSI delivers training to the selected projects and their creators.

Yesterday, STORYHIVE announced the winners of the $300K to make 30 of Alberta and BC’s favourite web series pilots.

Each selected project receives a $10,000 grant to develop their web series pilot. Participants then go into competition again to determine the final winners.

The 30 winners are:


Coded by Steve Neufeld

Directly Affected by Zack Embree

Dismantled by Leigh DaSilva

Found and Foraged by Deborah Burns

Green-ish by Ryan Bright

Hand Crafted by Andrew Muir

Hunt For Joy by Single Line Theatre

Make It TV by Jenna Herbut

My Grade 8 Diary by Alannah Turner

Night Owl High by Kris McRonney

Silk by Nathanael Vass

Sold by Yaël Carnet

Shy Guys by Steve Rosenberg

Under Construction by Shelby Wilson

We Ah Wiss by David Malysheff


AN.X.O by Vincent T Joachim

The Exhibition by Jordan Bloemen

Father Robin Hood by Mitchell George

Food For Thought by Joanne Levenick

Hug-O-Gram by Todd Kipp

Lost Boys by Mike Overend

Necessary Evil by Randy Brososky

Nine Lives by Stephen Baden

The Owners by Morgan Ermter

Press Pause by Cheska Appave

Shift by Janie Fontaine

Straight to Video by Cody Kennedy

TCK by The Chic Kitchen by Katie Satchwell

Top Monster by Andrew Guardamano

Uni-Farm by Alex Moon

One project from each province will receive a $50,000 grant to develop their series. NSI will assign industry mentors to the two final teams; faculty for the training includes Mike Fly and Karen Lam as well as NSI director of programming Brendon Sawatzky.

Training begins in Vancouver on December 12, continues to Edmonton on December 15 and Calgary on December 16.

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