Children of the Dark

Two young boys search for the past and struggle to survive in a world gone to hell.

Creative team

Writer/director: Scott Belyea
Producer: Dave Rice

Filmmaker’s statement

Children of the Dark was written, shot and edited in 48 hours as part of an annual filmmaking challenge in Vancouver.

We dared ourselves to attempt the most ambitious project we could muster despite our restrictions, walking a fine line between success and disaster by incorporating kids, animals and VFX in a post-apocalyptic world.

Beyond the technical production, I wanted to make a quiet, provoking picture that emphasized the preservation of family and innocence within a volatile environment.

How do children cope in a world without the presence of formal guidance? Seeing them act beyond their years and implement adult behaviours like leadership, provision and deception was of interest to me and would provide audiences with sentiment despite the horrific circumstances. The goal was to create visceral drama in a genre-driven picture.

We’re excited to continue the film’s festival run with NSI.

About Scott Belyea

Scott Belyea

Scott Belyea has worked in the Vancouver film industry for nearly a decade. His diverse skills and adaptability have landed him in various departments holding the titles: writer, director, editor, producer, cinematographer and post-production supervisor.

Scott’s eight short films have played internationally, garnering audience and critical acclaim and receiving various awards including best film at many festivals across the globe.

Scott lives in Vancouver and works as a commercial director with Barbershop Films. He also operates Ricebrain Media where he oversees projects in various stages of development.

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