Good Luck Have Fun: A Canadian eSports Story

Three pro gamers, one nation and a community struggle to compete in the world of eSports – competitive video gaming.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Gavin Seal

Filmmaker’s statement

Good Luck Have Fun started as a pitch for a two-minute news hit while I was a producer for CBC. At the time, a Canadian professional video gamer had just become the first ‘eSport athlete’ to be granted a US athlete visa – the same kind given to David Beckham when he joined the LA Galaxy.

I became fascinated by these digital gladiators, some of whom were playing video games for millions of dollars in prize money but, more importantly, I became fascinated by what the eSports phenomenon represented as a reflection of our digital future.

Ultimately, the film is a story about people pursuing their passions in the face of mainstream, social or cultural acceptance, but it also serves as an exploration of how technology is creating new platforms and communities for human interaction.

About Gavin Seal

Gavin Seal

Gavin Seal is an award-winning storyteller, filmmaker, journalist and digital creator.

His films have screened at the Cannes Film Festival, Hot Docs Film Festival and Just for Laughs, among others.

He has reported, produced and directed for CBC News and CBC Sports across Canada and internationally.

One of his first digital creations was named one of Canada’s hottest websites by the Banff World Media Festival.

Gavin often talks to strangers.

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