It’s Armageddon. Cain Tibbons is sent to heaven, while his brother is about to be dropped into hell. Teaming up with St. Peter, Cain sets out to save his brother.

A demented joyride through the annals of the god system, Paradiso strikes a surprising balance between the gravity and the absurdity of the chase.

Creative team

Writer/director: Devan Scott
Producers: Devan Scott, Will Ross

Filmmaker’s statement

Back in the 2012, I was asked by a good friend of mine to shoot his short documentary about the local monks at a monastery in Mission, BC. I ended up residing at the monastery for four days to shoot the film, and the experience got me thinking “Geez, if I’m wrong and a god actually does exist and all that good stuff, then I’m pretty screwed.”

“I’m screwed!” is at the heart of Paradiso.

Nearly two years after its completion, it’s become clear to me how much sheer existential dread is embedded in this thing. I still remember wondering, while writing this, which was more frightening: the idea of a godless universe or the implications that come with a godly one.

This film is, more than anything, an expression of that fear; I’m relieved I was able to stick a car chase in there.

About Devan Scott

Devan Scott

Devan Scott was born at the age of zero, as people often are, in Burnaby, BC.

In his first year as a computing science major at Simon Fraser University, he co-founded Sad Hill Cemetery, a website dedicated to both the making and criticism of film. He then jumped the science ship and became a film student, graduating in 2013.

In the years since, he has focused on cinematography and direction whilst creating work characterized by structural experimentation, black humor and bold visuals.

His latest films, the feature documentary We Three Heathens and short fiction film Lifeguard, are currently in post-production.

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