The Corpse and the Courier

When a courier dispatcher discovers that a suicidal young driver has abandoned his truck in a cemetery, he steps into a mystery that forces perspective on his own life after bringing him face to face with death.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Michael Parker

Filmmaker’s statement

The Corpse and the Courier is a film about memory and perception – specifically how memory is sometimes more fluid than fixed, and how life experiences allow for a reinterpretation of memory and sometimes an altered perception.

I wanted to experiment how film could bridge the worlds of the living and the dead, juxtapose domestic angst with mortal urgency and give perspective on issues of loss, grieving and the motivation to live on.

Rather than being a traditional ghost story of the dead returning to the living, The Corpse and the Courier is a story of the emotional haunting that past events and family history have on the living and, in turn, the unfinished business that the living has with the dead.

While the young courier dwells on the past and questions life, the dispatcher travels to the crypt, like a morbid messenger, in search of the answers.

About Michael Parker

Michael Parker

Michael Parker has written, directed and produced several award-winning films that deal with the complexities and frivolities of life.

President of Holiday Pictures, a boutique production company known for Julia Kwan’s Sundance Special Jury Prize-winning Eve & the Fire Horse and Michael’s Lunch with Charles, winner of best writer and best director Leo awards.

Parker began his career line-producing features with partner Shan Tam. Their many credits include Rumble in the Bronx and, more recently, Finding Mr. Right one of China’s top box office hits of 2013.

A recipient of British Columbia Film Foundation’s inaugural Daryl Duke scholarship, Michael graduated with an MFA from UBC in creative writing and film production.

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