The Proposal

On a first date, you always come armed. That’s what Jack and Sara discover when they decide to be deadly honest with each other to see if it’s really meant to be.

Creative team

Writer/director: Geordie Sabbagh
Producer: Jordan Gross

Filmmaker’s statement

What is it that makes a relationship survive? Is it common interests, a willingness to forgive, a sense of humour or the 29 dimensions of compatibility created by eHarmony?

With all the books, magazines, blogs, films, TV shows and websites, it seems everyone has a different answer. Yet divorce rates are rising and most relationships don’t get past four years. I have often thought if you only had seconds to decide, what would you really ask someone and how honest would you be?

Having been with my wife for 12 years, if I am honest about what makes our relationship work, I would certainly say open communication and a love of common interests, but also the ability to get the other person to really say what’s bothering them even if it means annoying them to no end.

I can certainly say that my willingness to clean and do laundry isn’t on Maxim’s How to Please Your Woman column, but it makes my wife really happy and has definitely improved our love life.

The adage that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach may seem out of date, but my wife’s cooking takes away a lot of my worries, those of her whole office and the never-ending stream of people who seem to come by our house and whose second or third question is, “What’s for dinner?”

I hardly find any of these notes in relationship articles, no doubt because they may seem out of date, old fashioned and even stereotypical, but it did make me wonder: in this age of hyper political correctness, [do we] really say what we want in a relationship?

About Geordie Sabbagh

Geordie Sabbagh

A multifaceted filmmaker, Geordie Sabbagh’s work includes the awarding-winning shorts Counselling and The Proposal, which just screened at ComicCon and Fantasia.

As a producer, he produced the feature film Old Stock (top five Canadian films at the box office opening week) and the thriller Clean Break (best drama, Atlanta Horror Film Festival).

He is currently working on Two Guys Who Sold the World with director Patrick Boivin (Dragon Baby) and was selected for the 2013 Whistler Project Lab, the 2013 Berlin Project Market, the 2014 TIFF Producer’s Lab and TIFF International Financing Forum.

Geordie also won the 10,000 Euro VFF pitch prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013 where he was also part of the talent lab.

He recently wrote and directed his first feature, A Sunday Kind of Love, with Dylan Taylor (Covert Affairs, Copper) Melanie Scrofano (Robocop, The Listener) and Meghan Heffern (What If/The F Word, Old Stock). It was one of seven projects selected from across Canada to be greenlit for the IndieCan10K competition.

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