Those Unattended

A hundred years from now, an idyllic family interacts vacantly through their digital consciousnesses. Suddenly a verbal garble is followed by a digital stroke suffered by the father.

To the horror of his family, a new man emerges – a man he used to be but someone they’ve never known.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Brian Garvey

Filmmaker’s statement

Riding along in our pockets and handbags are very powerful computers running 24 hours a day. We crouch over them at bus stops, walking through malls, anywhere, everywhere and always. In seconds, we have the information of the world at our fingertips.

With our ever increasing reliance on digital technologies, it only seems inevitable that our naturally functioning brains will weaken back to primordial levels.

These computers are attached to us at all times and some you can even wear. Their hard drives are getting smaller, more powerful and have ever increasing storage capacities. These increases are happening exponentially and it’s no longer a question of if they’ll be able to enter our blood streams, but when.

My answer? Soon, probably within your lifetime. Good luck and let’s hope you don’t suffer the inevitable glitches.

About Brian Garvey

Brian Garvey

Brian Garvey was raised in Massachusetts but has called Toronto home for over eight years.

He currently works as a freelance art director in Toronto’s film industry.

In his spare time, Brian writes and learns how to fly airplanes, but never at the same time.

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