Computer Potato

Charles Benzinger seeks a doctor’s attention to treat an overwhelming desire to touch everyone he sees. The doctor insists this condition doesn’t exist but Charles soon faces an opposite complication: his inability to touch a passenger on the bus.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Todd Kipp
Producer: Marc Vandergraaf

Filmmaker’s statement

Computer Potato started with the strange idea of someone needing to touch everyone they see but I wanted it to be for a reason and with consequences.

I was also drawn to the notion that, as a society, we’re losing the ability to interact with each other on a personal level due to all the technology surrounding us but I didn’t want to hit the audience over the head or be heavy handed with it.

We’re all aware that many relationships start and end over texting, that we work with people we’ve never meet, that two people can’t seem to sit down and have coffee without the constant distraction of their phones or computers pulling them away.

Ultimately I liked the idea of Charles finally wanting to move away from all that and actually have a human connection with someone else where it’s completely about meeting in person and in the end M doesn’t even offer up her phone number, only the opportunity to meet again on the bus.

There are some poignant moments with Charles and M on the bus that show who they are as they open up a little to one another. That’s probably my favourite scene in the film.

Through casting we received about 3,000 submissions – which is absurd – but in the end I think we found the right actors, who were all so talented.

The NSI Online Short Film Festival marks the 27th film festival for Computer Potato. It has screened in six countries and has been nominated for many awards and has won several.

About Todd Kipp

Todd Kipp

Todd is a film writer, director and producer concentrating on drama and comedy.

Currently he is working on two web series pilots, Hug-O-Gram and Lost Boys, as well as the feature documentary Some Other Guys about the best unknown rival to the Beatles in early 1960s Liverpool, The Big Three.

He owns Flat Four Productions.


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