Robert’s Circle

Bobby’s in trouble. He instinctively runs to his sister Amanda’s house. Thrown into a situation she doesn’t fully comprehend, Amanda must decide if she should help her younger brother.

Creative team

Writer: Mike McPhaden
Director/producer: Chris Hanratty
Producer: Aaron Kopff

Filmmaker’s statement

As a director I’m interested in examining when a character is pushed to their limit and has to make a life-altering decision: the moment when the breach of a person’s moral code meets the weight of a profound relationship, meets their history, meets their belief in right and wrong. This moment invites a viewer to examine what they might do in that same situation, and there is always a chance that an audience will surprise us (and themselves) with the choice they make.

I chose to shoot Robert’s Circle in one continuous shot. I wanted to root the audience deeply within the story and not release them until the final frame. Place the audience with the characters as they have their moment of decision and have it all play out, in real time, for audience and character alike.

I hope you enjoy the film.

About Chris Hanratty

Chris Hanratty

Chris is a filmmaker and theatre director.

His previous short films, Family First and Rung, have screened at numerous film festivals including the Palm Springs International Short Fest and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Robert’s Circle is his third short film and he is currently working on his first feature.

Chris also works in theatre and is the artistic director of Toronto’s UnSpun Theatre.

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