Sensitivity Training

Set in downtown Toronto, two of the city’s less-than-finest undercover detectives mull over the finer points of Canadian culture while waiting for their mark.

Creative team

Director: Justin Sanchez
Writer/producer: Oliver Ward

Filmmaker’s statement

Sensitivity Training was created out of a response to Toronto’s Reel World Film Festival’s call for films featuring diversity.

We were interested in exploring the question: what brings the diverse city of Toronto together?

This film expresses our answer – and if you don’t agree with us, we respectfully want you to know that you are wrong.

About Justin Sanchez

Justin Sanchez

Justin Sanchez is a writer, comedian and filmmaker.

He enjoys speaking languages he’s unable to speak, levitating and taunting tigers with literary works above their comprehension level. He lives in Toronto and wears pants most days.

He graduated from Western University with an honours degree of some sort, then got another post-grad thing at Humber in TV writing and producing for some reason, then he went to clown school in France. He’s done a bunch of other stuff too but he’s not gonna mention it.

He currently writes and directs for a show airing on Citytv and Biography.

He’s also got a bunch of films he’s shot or is planning on shooting and like a ton of written serie’s… serieses? Series. He wrote some stuff.

You can check out some of his work at Floating Rock Films.

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