Two ambulance paramedics put their lives on the line when a routine call becomes a deadly race against time.

Creative team

Writer/director: Alex Clark
Producers: Chris Luckhardt, Lyvia Cohen

Filmmaker’s statement

Siren is more of a meditation on torment rather than a paramedic drama. I wanted to show something raw and visceral, immersing the audience in a character study about the depths of desperation.

Stylistically I worked closely with my cinematographer, Ryan Knight, to give the film a sterile, claustrophobic feel. Something more akin to a morgue rather than the back of an ambulance.

I spent hours in pre-production, collaborating with the cast individually to explore their characters. We molded their relationships, weaknesses and past traumas to baptize their characters into a world that was violent and unforgiving.

Cinema gives us an opportunity, for a few fleeting movements, to become voyeurs into worlds of chaos, depravity and malice. Siren offers that glimpse into such a world that blurs the moral distinction between the innocent and the guilty.

About Alex Clark

Alex Clark

Raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Alex studied creative advertising at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto.

Upon graduation in 2009, he worked as an art director at the Toronto office of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. Alex left a career in creative advertising in early 2010 to begin working in film.

After interning at Spy Films, a film production company in Toronto, he began working on a variety of music videos, television series and independent feature films as a lead set decorator and art director.

The dark thriller Siren is Alex’s writing and directing debut.


  1. Matt Clark

    Outstanding short film. A very Impressive young director.

  2. Shawna

    This was Great!

  3. Smac

    Wow! Well done! Really wonderful work, all around!! Having read the script, it’s so great to see that it’s even better than what was on the page. Lots of tension, great pace, beautiful cinematography and the actors make powerful choices. And thanks for the shout out to Tru Love on the billboard!

  4. Thanks Silver Hair, Screen Screen for the comments!! The director Alex was inspired from learning and talking with actual paramedics about the experiences that they go through. Although with this film, there was alot of creative ideas to the story and not necessarily based on any real actual events.

  5. Gerald Wexler

    Excellent acting from Rachel Ancheril and equally strong mise-en-scène and direction. I’m not sure if there is any intention to develop the short into a feature but it has a great premise for a longer film. The director shows great talent. Excellent work.

    • Thanks Gerald for your comments. We appreciate your feedback. We are actually developing it into a feature film and I’m currently searching for possible investors.

  6. Patrick Micallef

    Ancheril is a star! More of the right people need to take notice.

    • Thanks Patrick!! I definitely agree, please let others know to watch the film and her talents!!

  7. Silver Hair, Silver Screen

    What a great film! It is really intense and the characters are captivating! I wonder what inspired the director? It isn’t often that a short film is riveting.

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