Two men bury secrets in the forest.

Creative team

Writer/director: Paul Weston
Producer: Mackenzie Bowen

Filmmaker’s statement

I wanted to see where my writing impulses took me when I put two reasonable characters into an incredibly unfair scenario where one person had to make a selfish decision. With Dirt, I was trying to suffocate my characters with the weight of their choices.

Dirt was also an attempt to engage people for five minutes with two characters and a room (or in this case, a forest).

So many of my favourite filmmakers repeatedly state story should rein supreme, and I wanted to learn as much as I could by thrusting that single element into the spotlight of the film. Hopefully it shines through.

About Paul Weston

Paul Weston

First and foremost an aspiring storyteller, Paul Weston was drawn to film because of the sheer challenge of it all.

In his quest to better understand the nuisances of story and acting, he has directed over 10 films and stage plays including John Logan’s Never The Sinner.

He has also edited four shorts films in the last two years including the best picture of University of British Columbia’s POV 24 Festival, My Mom is an Alien.

Having recently graduated from the UBC film production program, he has set his sights on bolstering his film/multimedia critique YouTube Channel 2nd Perspective. Please join him there in discussing all the elements of filmmaking.

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