Duelo de Duendes (Duel of the Duendes)

A pair of rivals meet on a train station platform. They leave their daughters on the sidelines as they whip themselves into a flamenco frenzy.

Creative team

Director: Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford
Producer: Maho Harada

Filmmaker’s statement

What would the world be like if everyone communicated through dance? What if people crowding the subway system all moved to the same samba beat? If a disagreement with your boss escalated into a can-can?

My preoccupation with dance started with the common childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. That didn’t quite work out. So the only way felt I could truly express myself through dance was by putting it on screen.

And dance is universal – we understand what these mothers are up to regardless of what language we speak.

About Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford

Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford

Born to a Japanese mother and a Canadian father, Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford grew up in Toronto.

After earning a degree in film studies she worked for several arts organizations.

Fluent in English, French and Japanese, Ivy served as a translator and copy editor in Tokyo before relocating to Montreal to study at L’INIS.

During her training, she directed Fair Game which has screened in various festivals and was awarded the best fiction prize at the 2015 Student Film Festival of Quebec.

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