While I’m Here | The Legacy Project

For 48 years, the San Diego Highwayman has helped stranded passengers on the road. All he asks is that they pay it forward.

Creative team

Director: Brent Foster
Producer: Tammy Foster

Filmmaker’s statement

While I’m Here | The Legacy Project is part of a series of videos that profile living legacies while they’re still doing what they do best … turning life into legacy.

I decided to start this project after missing out on the chance to tell the story of a man from my hometown who dedicated his life to helping others. That man’s name was Frank Dymock. For years, Frank opened his garage to the public and sharpened skates free of charge. He wouldn’t accept a dime. He was an icon in the place where I grew up, and I always wanted to tell his story while he was still here.

Regretfully, I let time pass and Frank passed away before I had the chance to tell his story. This project is dedicated to him and to countless others who live selflessly and truly leave a legacy, forever impacting the lives of the people lucky enough to cross their paths.

About Brent Foster

Brent Foster

Brent Foster is an international award-winning director/cinematographer with a background in photojournalism who works both independently and with his team at Foster Visuals.

Brent began his career working for newspapers and magazines such as TIME, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Globe and Mail.

He applies his photojournalistic background to commercial and documentary cinematography with a focus on storytelling for companies, brands and editorial clients across the globe.

Brent is also an avid aerial cinematographer working for commercial and editorial clients with his team at upaerials.com.


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