Alice by Synthcake

Alice revisits the imaginary world of her childhood and finds that it’s not quite how she remembers it.

Creative team

Writer/director: Ian Macdonald
Producers: Ian Macdonald, Angelica Jang, Ira Hardy

Filmmaker’s statement

This film is a collaboration between Ira Hardy, Angelica Jang and myself.

We had just finished working together on an animated series Animism, the Gods’ Lake and were itching to do something together.

A great friend, Mircea Tracke, produced the song by Synthcake, and he showed me the song first. I immediately fell in love with the dark and eerie fantasy elements of the song, and so I pitched the song to Angelica and Ira.

We started brainstorming the scenes, and the animation styles we wanted to use, and the rest is history.

About Ian Macdonald

Ian Macdonald

Starting in the field of music, Ian Macdonald received a BA at Vancouver Community College for music composition.

While studying he became increasingly interested in multimedia and film production and so combined music and video into his final thesis project.

Since then he has worked in the film industry. He now works as a director and editor at Blue Chip Productions and Narrow Needles Productions where he creates music videos, short films and corporate videos.

His passion is the human experience and he attempts to explore ideas and emotions through story, performance, visuals, music and sound.

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