Entre chien et loup (Spare Change)

Sophie and Dave, old college friends, run into each other downtown. It’s their first time seeing one another in over a decade.

Creative team

Writers: Daniel Isaiah Schachter, David Gruber
Director: Daniel Isaiah Schachter
Producer: Yanick Létourneau (Peripheria Films)

About Daniel Isaiah Schacter

Daniel Isaiah Schacter

Daniel Isaiah Schachter is a filmmaker and musician from Montreal, Quebec.

In 2008, he wrote and directed Three Mothers. The script won the Grand Prize at Cours Écrire ton Court, a writing competition hosted by the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, and the film picked up several prizes on the festival circuit, including the A&E Short Filmmakers Award and the OFQJ prize for best short film at the Rendez-Vous de Cinema Quebecois.

Daniel has several feature films in development. He recently completed Entre Chien et Loup, a short starring Monia Chokri and Alexis Lefebvre.

Daniel also writes, records and performs music under the name Daniel Isaiah. His album High Twilight, released by Secret City Records in 2011, was called a “stunning debut” by American Songwriter magazine.

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