Let Go

In a fragmented time/space shell, two souls are wandering inside the only place they can call home, looking for each other, trying to reconnect and reconcile past with present.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kaiss Manachou
Producers: Kaiss Manachou, Jean-Philippe Bélanger

Filmmaker’s statement

Since the beginning of this project, Kaiss Manachou has thought of this film as a poem.

The main drive was to communicate emotions related to reminiscence and nostalgia through image.

This is a portrayal of an overwhelming stream of different thoughts and feelings, often of a paradoxical nature, that floods the mind and heart of any human being who experiences separation and departure.

The editing and narrative structure are [meant] to give the impression of confusion and take the audience into the world of feelings rather than a rational picture of a given situation. The audience is urged to feel the confusion the characters are going through instead of empathizing with them.

About Kaiss Manachou

Kaiss Manachou

Born in Tunis, Kaiss is a young Tunisian-Canadian living in Montreal. He is a writer, director, director of photography, photographer, painter and founder of SwanHouse Media.

After studying at the Fine Arts School of Tunis, Kaiss joined the Graduate School of the Audiovisual and Cinema in Tunis.

He then moved with his family to Winnipeg, Manitoba and enrolled in the film studies program at Concordia University in Montreal. He decided to finish his studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Back in Montreal, Kaiss joined Mainfilm and co-produced his first short film, Let Go, with his friends Jean-Philippe Bélanger and Raphaël Aubry. He returned to Tunisia after a long absence to edit the film at 5/5 Productions.

Kaiss was the director of photography for Le Temps, La Mort et Moi, shot in Montreal in 2013, directed by Slown. The film screened in competition in February 2014 during Les 3ème Rencontres des Réalisateurs Tunisiens in Tunis.

Kaiss is currently established in Tunis working on his second film, Alpha.

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