Love Oblivion by Hearing Trees

It’s sunrise, which calls for coffee, eggs and a band-jam.

Winnipeg rock group Hearing Trees begin the day making breakfast and music in what starts as a laidback morning but ends in confusion.

Retro toys take over the kitchen and the group’s meals and twist what’s real.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Amy Simoes

Filmmaker’s statement

When I was approached by Hearing Trees to collaborate on Love Oblivion I was amazed by the amount of trust and creativity they allowed me to infuse into the project.

While listening to the song, I began visualizing how I wanted to create a story to represent the lyrics. The pop elements made me think of morning sunshine with twists of humour, which brought me to the concept of the band jamming in the kitchen as lighthearted mischief and chaos took over.

Everything from the retro toys, costuming, camera angles and even the 90s inspired colour corrections were presented in my treatment for the music video. The band loved it.

Hearing Trees and I had two more consultations before the full-day shoot. This was the band’s first music video, however despite the long hours of filming (directed by a 5 ft. tall girl) their involvement was impressively professional, with a desire to learn the process of video making.

I would work with Hearing Trees again in a heartbeat and thank them for allowing me to use my vision for their video. I truly believe Love Oblivion is an excellent example of what can happen when great team work is present on set.

About Amy Simoes

Amy Simoes

Amy Simoes is a Winnipeg filmmaker and owner of Flicker Edge Films.

In spring 2013, she was awarded a Women in Media award from the National Screen Institute and best on-camera performance of the year at the Creative Communications Media Awards.

In 2014, one of Amy’s documentaries, Eric went on to win best documentary at the CCMA Awards and best editing at the UWinnipeg Film Festival.

With attention to detail and a passion for sharing stories, Amy believes it’s important to produce quality work that expands new perspectives.

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