Pas la Grosse Sophie (Not with Fat Sophie)

Simon is 14 years old and, like most teenagers, he has a hard time going through this unforgiving period. He’s generally awkward and lives in the shadow of his friend Stéphane who’s better looking and more popular than he is.

One morning, Stéphane asks Simon if he can borrow his bedroom to have sex with Sophie, a girl with whom Simon is secretly in love. This request shatters the two boys’ friendship and, for the first time, Simon stands up to Stéphane – a move which marks his first step into adulthood.

Creative team

Writer: Alexandre Auger
Director: Philippe Arsenault
Producer: Mathieu Denis

About Philippe Arsenault

Philippe Arsenault

Philippe Arsenault works both as a director and director of photography.

Mischievous by nature, he likes to pinpoint the contradictions and flaws that characterize his fellow human beings, always with a touch of humour and tenderness.

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