Twenty-two-year old Steven Playford recounts what it was like to grow up without his biological mother.

Creative team

Director/producer: Jesse McCracken

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was made over a couple days in the spring of 2013 with Steven. He lived with my family for a number of years and has become my brother, and we made this together out of some recorded conversations we had about his life.

I made it with the intention of bringing a lot of unspoken things out in to the open between us and as a type of therapy.

About Jesse McCracken

Jesse McCracken

Jesse McCracken is a director and cinematographer based out of Toronto. He mostly shoots documentary, fiction and music videos.

His work has screened at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival twice: Chance Encounters (2011, cinematographer) and Steve (2014, director).

He is currently in production on his first feature documentary Motel.

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