Ten-year-old Alan won’t give up searching for his lost dog and accidentally finds someone else’s in the process.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kevin Doherty
Producers: Rachel Coe, Jacob McNeil

Filmmaker’s statement

This movie explores an event that can be both small and monumental for a child: the loss of a pet.

In the movie, the characters struggle to move beyond the past and appreciate the present. It was written after losing my own childhood pet as an adult, and reflecting on how grief is expressed among family.

Thanks to Rachel Coe, Jacob McNeil and Oliver Millar for their tremendous talent and support in the project, and my family for almost everything else.

About Kevin Doherty

Kevin Doherty

Kevin Doherty is a video- and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.

He received his BFA in film production from the University of British Columbia, and his MFA in interdisciplinary studies at Simon Fraser University.

Leash was selected for the TIFF Student Showcase, TIFF Kids, and Air Canada enRoute Film Festivals.

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