The River

The River is a whimsical, entertaining and creative stop-motion animation to the song River of Snot by the iconic Canadian musical trio The Arrogant Worms.

Shot in native 3D and stop-motion animation, it is reminiscent of early Monty Python with cardboard cut-outs and stylized set pieces.

Creative team

Writers: Mike McCormick, Trevor Strong, Chris Patterson
Director: Leo Wieser
Producer: Becky Scott

Filmmaker’s statement

I’ve been following The Arrogant Worms pretty much since the group formed over 20 years ago. I was always impressed by their ability to combine clever, comedic, well-written tunes with spot-on political statements and satire.

I’ve seen them a number of times over the years and, although their hairstyles changed (and some would argue their waistlines), the quality of their entertaining writing and singing stayed the same. From The Last Saskatchewan Pirate on their first self-titled album in 1992 to Carrot Juice is Murder and Rippy the Gator – the band has produced some classic Canadian hits.

Indeed, The Arrogant Worms are THE quintessential Canadian band; their playlist of songs about Canada and Canadian life is the most extensive of any group on the planet. They have been waving the maple leaf longer and harder than K’naan ever did.

At Bleeding Art, we’ve been looking for opportunities to produce our own creative content and to collaborate with other artists to do the same. It was in this vein that I contacted The Arrogant Worms on Facebook one day when I knew they were coming through Calgary. I invited them to our shop for a tour and to simply chat and see where things were at with them and if there was anything we could work together on.

I didn’t go in with a master plan or any expectations. I wasn’t a stalker fan, or at least was trying very hard not to be one. I was an appreciator of their work and thought we might be able to work together. I knew that opportunities like this didn’t always pan out.

The long and short of it is that we ended up creating a musical animation to accompany the Worms’ song River of Snot. Like the Worms themselves, it’s fun, irreverent and whimsical. We pushed the 3D and created imagery that we felt was well suited to the lyrics and would provide a richer experience for the viewer/listener to enjoy the song. Hope you like it as much as we liked making it.

About Leo Wieser

Leo Weiser

Leo is the founder, co-owner and president of the award-winning effects, fabrication and film production company Bleeding Art Industries.

He has an extensive background in theatrical design, pyrotechnics and special effects, and expanded into stereoscopic 3D production with the company’s – and Canada’s – first combined stereo 3D and stop motion animated short film, Skeleton Girl.

In addition to co-producing the film, he co-wrote, co-directed, and did the production design and technical direction for it. Skeleton Girl garnered best first 3D film at its premiere in New York in 2012, was chosen as one of the top short films in Canada in 2013 (CBC Short Film Face Off), and toured to festivals around the world including the renowned San Diego Comic Con.

He has worked in the film industry for 20 years, with special effects credits for film and TV including CBC’s Heartland, Hell on Wheels, Terry Gilliam’s Tideland, Exit Wounds, K-19: The Widowmaker, Ginger Snaps, The Mountain, Shanghai Noon, Knockaround Guys and many more.

In 2012 he oversaw the design and build for two prosthetic creatures and the effects and production design for Insurrection Films’ The Hunt.

Leo was honoured with an AMPIA award for best special effects creator for his work on the movie Broken Trail starring actor Robert Duvall and for Ginger Snaps: Unleashed.

He is at work on the company’s next film to follow Skeleton Girl, called Mary and The Looking Glass, the second in an anthology of films called Twisted Tales for Demented Children.

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