In the wilderness 30 years in the future, Richter is haunted by the loss of his wife. Has she passed on or gone missing? Could something have taken her?

Richter searches daily only to hear strange moans and shrieks coming from the darkness. Worried about his health, Richter’s company sends a companion Android to help him transition and get well. The Android realizes something isn’t right and senses a presence in the woods. Richter’s deterioration has left him quiet and untrustworthy.

The Android is alone with many unanswered questions. She takes it upon herself to explore the woods and confront what lurks there.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jonathan Hyatt
Co-director: Bruce William Harper

Filmmaker’s statement

My film Woods to me is a re-visiting the 70s classic horror/suspense … letting the mind fill in the blanks.

About Jonathan Hyatt

Jonathan Hyatt

Jon Hyatt started making movies in grade six and returned to it after playing in a band and doing various film jobs and acting.

First filming comedy shorts, then directing commercials, docs and online media, he has found a love writing, producing and directing films, music videos and television.

He currently in pre-production on a new feature and also in development producing television shows with an established Toronto production house.


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